What’s Fast Fashion And Why Is It A Problem?

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You can even mix up the weights – for example, not sporting many delicate necklaces of the same size collectively – or pick necklaces in numerous materials, corresponding to layering chains with pearls or beads. Always retailer your items individually (preferably in a soft-lined field or pouch) so that they don’t rub collectively, scratch or tangle – and fasten your chains before storing them. Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh wore all-black garments on the airport.

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If you have wool carpets, vacuum regularly – particularly in dark corners where pests can become established. Cedarwood balls and blocks, lavender baggage and commercially obtainable moth traps may help hold garments moths at bay. Knitwear shouldn’t be hung in wardrobes, so store in zip-up, breathable canvas bags which will keep the pests out; tailoring could be stored in comparable hanging bags. Track the newest way of life news including fashion developments, fashion information & Tips, India & World Events.

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